Mold Design & Manufacturing

With professional and high-quality technical team of Mold Center, our technical level of mold design and manufacturing are on the forefront of industry.

Mold strength

High-end, advanced, international, normalize,
pursuing excellent quality for supplying the best products to customers.

  • The Mould Center, covering an area of over 2,000 square meters, is a department for the research of the company's high core technologies and manufacture. It specializes in the manufacture of sophisticated multi-cavity plastic moulds, high speed multi-lane stamping tools and assembly-automation equipment components. The Mould Center has a professional and high-quality team. Its mould design and manufacture ability is on the forefront of industry.

    The Mould Center has lots of imported high-tech CNC equipment and ultraprecise CMM.Mold centre comprised of 59 all kinds of machining equipment, including 22 imported CNC devices (DEMAG, HARDINGE), 8 machining centers (DEMAG, CHARMILLES), 10 high-precision EDM machines (CHARMILLES), 9 grinding machines (SCHLEIFRING surface grinder, German internal and external cylindrical grinder), and 6 wire cutting machines (CHARMILLES, SODIC), etc.
  • The company is capable of manufacturing 200 sets of moulds and about 400,000 various mould components and complete parts annually, which can greatly satisfy customers' needs and obtain more recognition and praise from customers.

    The Mould Center is able to customize moulds according to the requirements of customers. Additionally, the company has a top Mechanical Center that is committed to autonomously researching, developing and improving mechanical devices, ensuring the high efficiency and high quality of the company's products.

Mold Design & Manufacturing

With a good grasp of market and consumers' needs, we are driven by a constant quest for developing innovative products. Our sufficient resources enable us to provide you with effective project management and ideal customized product design and manufacturing.

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Mold Design & Manufacturing

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