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Adhere to the original intention |Majesty has honored with 2023 Aerosol Innovation Awards of Aerosol China



From April 12th to April 14th, 2023, the 10th International Aerosol and Metal Containers Exhibition was successfully held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhejiang Province. As one of the largest and most influential aerosol exhibitions in the global aerosol industry, this exhibition runs through the whole industry chain of aerosol packaging, gathering more than 150 enterprises in the industry, promoting exchanges and industrial innovation. 

On the evening of April 12th, Aerosol Committee of CPF held Annual Conference of Aerosol China & Aerosol Innovation Awards in Ningbo Hotel. Majesty project “Quality standards and Testing Method System of Bag-on-Valve” won the 2023 Aerosol Innovation Awards of Aerosol China. This award is not only the affirmation of Majesty’s professional testing and product innovation, but also the recognition of Majesty’s efforts to promote industry standardization over the years.

Bag-on-Valve is widely used in the aerosol market, generally use non-combustible nitrogen or compressed air as propellant, it is safer and more environmentally friendly than conventional aerosol product. Its aerosol products can 360° continuous spray, and contains the advantages of easy to use, over 99% solutions emptying, good compatibility and high biological safety. It is mainly use in cosmetics, medical apparatus and food fields.

At the meanwhile, Liang Peihui, the chairman of Majesty, presented awards to the winning units and made a speech as the presenter. Majesty will make persistent efforts to continuously improve its core competitiveness, provide more green, environmentally friendly, safe, reliable and effective products for the industry, and promote the common progress of the industry in the future development.

The First Session of the Third Office Meeting & Symposium on High Quality Development of Aerosol Industry was held during the exhibition. Chairman Liang Peihui participated in this meeting as the third generation leading body of the Aerosol Committee of CPF and offered suggestions for the high quality development of China‘s aerosol industry.

Majesty will make continuous efforts to innovation and breakthrough, and make more high quality aerosol packaging products. We welcome further cooperation and negotiation, we can provide you with appropriate customized aerosol valve distribution system solution.

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