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  • Material and Process Development

    The company advocates the idea of "getting things done at one time", performs production management strictly according to ISO system, and focuses on the exploration, research and development of raw materials of packaging products and manufacturing technology. The company has a professional material development team. Its members have rich experience in the research and development of packaging product technology, and have a wide knowledge of the properties and manufacturing technology of various raw materials. They develop over 30 kinds of new raw materials annually.

    Moreover, the company has a professional development process of materials and technologies.The application of each material and technology shall undergo numerous strict trials, quality control and technical assessment.

  • New Material Application

    We have actively developed green packaging products guided by new materials, such as materials for eco-pumps (PP, PE, etc.). All materials are consistent with related green standard requirements and your demands for green packaging. It is remarkable that some of our plastic pumps are applying for an APR certification.

    We are looking forward to developing green eco-packs for you. Let’s work together to save energy and reduce emissions, and live a low carbon life.

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