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    The Technology Center, 1,350㎡ laboratory area, is a comprehensive technical department for the research, development and testing of various dispensing pumps, aerosol valves and actuators, and unified online and offline technical support. It is committed to promoting the systematic and standardized management of the production and practical application of packaging products such as dispensing pumps, aerosol valves and actuators. It also actively leads and participates in the establishment and revision of national, industrial and group standards, and has now participated in the drafting and revision of more than 20 standards.
  • The Technology Center has been developing towards the goal of being a state key laboratory, and is under close cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions such as Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, South China University of Technology and Sichuan Provincial Orthopedics Hospital. It has now established the China Research and Development Center for Aerosol Valves and Dispensing Pumps, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center and Education Base of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University.

    The Technology Center is equipped with over 100 sophisticated instruments, including analytical instruments such as GC-MS, HPLC, ICP-OES, FTIR, UV and Malvern-Spraytec that enables professional, efficient and more accurate scientific testing.

Laboratory Testing

Our professional technical service team has a good command of packaging requirements, including personal care, pharmaceutical, food, medical equipment products, etc. We can serve you a variety of laboratory service of dispensing pumps, aerosol valves and actuators, etc.

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Laboratory Testing

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