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Marching on Food Packaging Industry | Majesty Obtains the Food Packaging Production License



Dec 30th, 2022, Majesty Packaging Systems Co., Ltd. successfully passed the examination of the production license and obtained the national industrial product production license and production qualification of plastic packaging, containers, tools, and etc. products for food.

The production license of industrial products is an integral part of the production license system. Ii is stipulates that before the citizens, juristic person or other organization can engage in production, must have the basic production condition to ensure product quality and safety , and obtain the Production License of Industrial Products. The production license of industrial products is an administrative license system which formulated and implemented by the state administrative department in charge of quality supervision of production for the purpose of controlling the production conditions of enterprises. This system is aimed to ensure the quality and safety of crucial products directly related to public safety, health, life and property safety, implement the national industrial policies, and promote the coordinated development of the socialist market economy.

Majesty is committed to research & develop, design, manufacture & distribution of packaging for aerosol valve, dispensing pumps, mist sprayers, spray caps and inhalation drug delivery device. It has more than 20 years of experience in the dispensing system solutions in the categories of daily chemical products and medical supplies. Majesty has annual production capacities of 6 billion aerosol valves, 2 billion sets of dispensing pumps and 1billion sets of spray caps. Majesty also has advanced manufacturing equipment and production facilities. To complete in the advanced manufacturing environment, Majesty has an independent laboratory, an engineering center and a testing facility.

As Majesty is new to the food packaging industry, it will focuses on the concept of continuous improvement with a pragmatic approach to innovation & continuously meeting customer requirements for quality, cost and delivery time. provides safe, reliable and effective products for customers. We welcome the food enterprises to further negotiate with our company to cooperate in research and development. Believe in Majesty can implement your ideas, co-creation of food "gameplay".

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